gender equality


When a country has problems, women are often the answer

Twenty years ago, the Beijing International Conference on Women reviewed the research and declared that raising the status of women was a linchpin for global development. Join PRI's The World as we explore how far we've come and what it means to combat gender inequality in our Across Women's Lives coverage.


An Arab American remembers the late Lebanese singer Sabah


Sabah, a trailblazing Lebanese singer and actress, died at her home in Beirut this week at the age of 87. The Arabs aroung the world are mourning her loss, including Arab Americans whose families treasured Sabah as a reminder of home.


Women in India agitate for their right to pee

About 600 million Indians live without toilets, and women and girls bear the brunt of that shortage. While men can and do relieve themselves almost anywhere, many women must choose between scarce, dangerous public facilities or expensive pay toilets when they need to pee.