free speech


A professor's tweets lead to a debate on race and free speech

In the middle of graduation season, a free speech debate is playing out online — and on campus — at New England's largest university. Racially charged tweets from an incoming Boston University professor are raising questions about whether academics in the public eye should have the right to share their private opinions on social media.


Arts, Culture & Media

Saudi Jeans

Saudi blogger Ahmed Al-Omran talks to Faith about the ban on all things colored red that is planned to be imposed on Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia.


YouTube shutdown

Faith talks to Pakistani blogger Awab Alvi about how the Pakistani government's attempt to block access to an offensive video inadvertently caused a temporary global shutdown of YouTube.

Arts, Culture & Media

Be Your Own Pet

Amy Phillips of Pitchfork Media weighs in on a controversial decision by Universal Records to cut three songs from Be Your Own Pet's American release.

Conflict & Justice

Tunisians push for new elections

Megan Williams reports from Tunisia where the protesters who toppled the country's president continue to protest. Their goal is to ensure that new elections are held and that all members of the former regime leave power.