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Organic Farming in China

China may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about places that American organic farmers could learn from. American advocates of a safe and sustainable food chain learned a few things on their recent trip to organic farms near Beijing.

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Healthy Food Options From Europe

Food columnist Mark Bittman talks with host Marco Werman about how Europe is leading the way on food policy and why many European nations have been resistant to the kind of industrial agriculture that is now dominant in the US.


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Fish rock

The Japanese seem to be losing their appetite for fish. A government study shows the average consumption of seafood in the country has dropped below meat. That's forced Japan's fishing industry to fight back with music! Akiko Fujita checked out the sound.

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Pakistan flood diary

Six weeks ago floods began to engulf Pakistan. The BBC's Aleem Maqbool has been tracing the path of the destruction by traveling the length of the country on the Indus river. Lisa Mullins talks with him.

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Millennium goals

World leaders are gathering in New York to talk about progress on eight goals set back in 2000 as Millennium Development Goals to be met by 2015. Anchor Lisa Mullins has the story.

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Pudgy leader for North Korea?

Very little is known about the son of North Korea's Kim Jong Il. A few pictures have emerged showing the rather pudgy young man. Jason Strother reports North Koreans are asking questions about the son's girth while the rest of the country goes hungry.

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Rethinking parenting in Poland

The traditional way of raising children in Poland emphasizes strict discipline and preparing the youngsters for hardship. Dave McGuire reports on how some younger Polish parents are going for a softer, gentler approach.

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Acai no panacea in Brazil

The Amazonian berry known as a�a� is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. Proponents tout its unsubstantiated health benefits. But the berry has a very different reputation back in Brazil. Reporter Kelley Weiss reports.

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Madonna's fitness club

Screaming fans greeted the popstar Madonna last night as she launched her first Hard Candy Fitness gym. It's located in an upscale neighborhood called �Bosques de las Lomas� in the city we're looking for in the Geo Quiz.