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Halfway Home

July Update: At the year’s halfway point, I’m about halfway through illustrating the poem. I had some pretty good momentum going during most of June, cranking out about a page a day, ...

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How Does It End?

June Update: Quickly done, needs work as usual. I kept wanting to look this story up on the website so I could see how it ended, and then realized I hadn't finished it yet. I am det...

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Stumbling With Style

May Update: I've always been fascinated with the idea of Northwest Coast tribes' potlatches and how they might play out in our time. I have family in Bellingham, a beautiful town, and...

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Stories Bloom

March Update: The process for this story is like the others. I live in a story (in my spare time) for a few weeks and then I don't live in it and I miss it. I write notes to mysel...