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Video: Inking an Epic

Charlie Capp pledged to draw a comic book adaptation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in 2013, and he’s poised to finish it. At 144 illustrated pages, that...

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Making Fun

November Update: This is a silly one — sorry. December's will be nice and grim. I'm going to get started on it tomorrow because I'll be traveling up to the north country this month....

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New Goals

November Update: The woodworking project took a major leap forward in the spring and early summer when I started working on a screened-in porch for our back yard. This is my most ch...

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Returing to Cascadia

October Update: I think I figured something out about writing this time, but the ending still isn't right. I blame it on windows 8.1 — why did I download it?! Anyway, I wanted to pay ...

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Long Story Short

I spent a couple of weeks on a longer story but set it aside and did this one instead. It has been a challenging month in many ways. It is still very hot and humid, and we are all wai...

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Write What You Know

July Update: The process for this month's story was: use some of the work I actually do for a change, and some of the experiences I have had as a mom and write something short. I had ...