French sour on nuclear power

A new nuclear plant is being built in France, the first of a new generation that French industry hopes to export to the world. But the French people may have different ideas. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, they're questioning whether nuclear power is really the answer.



Hydro-power for Afghanistan

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Laura Lynch about a U.S. project in southern Afghanistan that aims to deliver electric power to a million and a half people in the region.


Climate change politics

The World's Jason Margolis tells us what presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have said about their respective positions on energy reform and how they plan to address global warming.

Global Politics

Obama's pick for energy secretary

President-elect Obama has reportedly chosen Steven Chu to be his energy secretary. Chu is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and an expert on alternative fuels and climate change. The World's Jason Margolis reports.


The Price of Colombian Coal

The U.S. imports a lot of coal from Colombia, and the life of a coal miner there is hard, to say the least. But the miners are not the only ones who are impacted by Colombia's coal-mining industry. Steven Dudley reports for PRI's The World.

Global Politics

Obama's plan for the environment

A key element of the proposed budget President Obama unveiled today is a plan to make renewable energy more profitable. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mark Hertsgaard who writes about the environment for The Nation and Vanity Fair.