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Confucian education in Britain

The ancient teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius are serving as the modern-day inspiration for England's schools minister, Jim Knight. He wants to import Confucian-style teaching methods to classrooms across the country. The World's Laura Lynch has this report.

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Adding to the Five Foot Shelf

100 years ago, the President of Harvard University claimed you could get a solid liberal education by reading a collection of books that would fit on a five-foot shelf. What's been added to, or taken off, that shelf since? Anchor Jeb Sharp finds out.

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Add to the five-foot shelf

One hundred years ago, Harvard President Charles Eliot declared that all the books you need for a complete liberal arts education could fit on a five-foot shelf. We asked you to come up with some updates. Jeb Sharp reads a couple of the suggestions.

Conflict & Justice

The resurgence of the Taliban

The year 2001 marked the end of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. But its leaders and fighters have regrouped. Reporter Charles Sennott has the first in a series of reports on resurgent influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Global Politics

Revisiting an Afghan girls' school

In part 3, Charles Sennott tries to revisit a girls school he reported on two years ago. The school was set up by a couple who lost their son on September 11, 2001. But the school they funded in his memory now appears to be under the Taliban.

Global Politics

Five foot shelf update

?Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf? was a list of literature classics compiled back in 1909. Last week we asked YOU to tell us which books you'd put on a Five Foot Shelf in 2009. Anchor Laura Lynch and book critic Christopher Merrill review suggestions.

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GI Bill for post 9-11 veterans

There's a new GI Bill. This one funds free tuition for military veterans who served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Iraq war veteran David Wang about his graduate-school plans under the new GI bill.