DJ Edu searches for Africa's best nightclub

What's the best nightclub in Africa? Not even DJ Edu, who scoured night spots across the continent, can say for sure. But even if he can't pick a winner, he says he saw signs of Africa's economic progress in many places he visited.


Hopes rise for a nuclear deal with Iran

The buzz from Geneva is that international talks there on Iran’s nuclear ambitions are approaching a deal. The deal could limit Iran’s nuclear capabilities for a decade or more, in exchange for an easing of sanctions.


In China, imported fruit is the must-have luxury item for the new year


Chinese New Year begins next week and all across China people are getting ready. It’s a time for visiting friends and relatives. Throughout the country, people stock up on fruit to eat at home with family and to give as gifts. These days, Chinese shoppers are opening up their wallets for a particular luxury item — imported fruit.