Conflict & Justice

My America: Abraham Verghese

Today's "My America" guest is Dr. Abraham Verghese, professor at Stanford University. Regarding the dislocation and alienation experienced by immigrants, he lamented not having had a more common American experience, but had great appreciation for it.


Lifestyle & Belief

Swine flu in Mexico

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Jorge Milke a businessman who lives just outside Mexico City about how life for him and his family has been altered over the last few days since the outbreak of the swine flu.

Health & Medicine

Change of plans

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us how the swine flu outbreak in Mexico is affecting three very different people: A restaurant manager in Mexico City, a man who is about to be married in North Carolina and a race car team leader from Ireland.

Global Politics

Russian reaction to swine flu

Correspondent Jessica Golloher reports that the Russian government is taking precautions to prevent the spread of swine flu...but their methods have Russian travelers feeling more puzzled than prepared.