One flu vaccine to rule them all

Scientists who were looking for a way to annihilate the Avian flu have stumbled upon a protein that halts both the Avian and seasonal flu. Are the consequent rumors of a universal flu vaccine justified? Guest: Wayne Marasco, M.D.

Arts, Culture & Media

The life of Dr. William Close

We remember the late Doctor William Close who passed away last month. He was the father of actress Glenn Close, and once the personal doctor of the president of Zaire. While there he worked to stop the first Ebola epidemic in Zaire. Anchor Marco Werman talks to a friend and colleague of Dr. Close, Dr. Joel Breman, of the National Institutes of Health.

Health & Medicine

Preparing for bird flu

Health officials say it's not a matter of "if" but "when" the next flu pandemic will hit. The World's Katy Clark takes a look at how well prepared the United States is to deal with the impact.

Health & Medicine

Update on bird flu in China

China has just reported four new human cases of bird flu -- three of them fatal -- as millions of Chinese prepare to travel throughout the country for the lunar New Year. The World's Mary Kay Magistad has this update.

Conflict & Justice

AIDS doctors arrested in Iran

Iran has one of the best HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in the world. But two of the architects of that system have now been thrown in jail. The World's Marco Werman hears their story from Sarah Kalloch of Physicians for Human Rights.

Health & Medicine

Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic

Zimbabwe's escalating cholera outbreak has prompted calls from the US-based Physicians for Human Rights to charge the country's President with crimes against humanity. The World's Laura Lynch has the story.