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Playing Against The Virus

Epidemics have become a hot topic in gaming. In the online video game Pandemic 2, you play the virus, aiming to wipe out humanity. In The Great Flu, you control a world health organization and make decisions about face masks and airport closures.

Arts, Culture & Media

Does Your Zombie Have Rabies?

'The vampire myth, the werewolf myth, and the zombie myth,' Bill Wasik tells Kurt Andersen, 'are all saliva-born infections that manifest as a contagious animal essence. Rabies is the only thing in nature that really acts that way.'


Global Politics

Circumcision and AIDS in Uganda

Recent studies suggest that male circumcision can provide some protection against HIV infection. Health officials in Uganda would like to promote male circumcision as part of a campaign to reduce HIV/AIDS. But Uganda's president doesn't support the idea

Global Politics

South Africa and AIDS

South Africa's former leaders were criticized for downplaying the AIDS epidemic there. Now a new president and a new health minister are taking a different approach to fighting the disease. Rhoda Metcalfe reports on The World.