Why many women in Nepal have had to deal with the disaster on their own

Most of those Nepalis affected by the earthquake in April were women who have had to deal with the disaster on their own. Journalist Purvi Thacker happened to be in Nepal last month when the earthquake hit. She describes meeting women faced with the reality of providing aid on the ground and dealing with their own destroyed homes and lives.


How drones are helping relief efforts in Nepal


Global Medic, an aid agency based in Canada, is using drones — or UAVs — to help scope out remote areas in need of aid. And while they can't deliver supplies just yet, the group says they're still a vital way to get quick results when disasters hit.



Earthquake death toll rises

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from the earthquake-hit Chinese city of Dujiangyan; Chinese officials are warning that the overall death toll from Monday's quake could surpass 50,000.


Vigil for earthquake victims

Jessica Jones reports on a vigil held in North Carolina for victims of Monday's earthquake in China; many Chinese living in the United States want to find ways to help quake survivors.


Burma blocks aid

The World's Matthew Bell reports on a debate in the international community on whether military force should be used to get more international aid into cyclone-devastated Myanmar.


Earthquake survivors

The World Mary Kay Magistad visits a stadium in Mianyang, China, where 30-thousand earthquake survivors have sought shelter; counseling is available, but few of the survivors have sought it.


Aid report

Humanitarian aid groups all over the world are struggling to cope with back-to-back disasters in China and Myanmar, and The World's Julia Kumari Drapkin reports on how they decide where to focus their efforts.


China rescue effort continues

The rescue effort for earthquake survivors continues in China, one week later, and The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports that in Beichuan, one of the worst hit areas, local officials are now being criticized for not having done enough to save lives.


Cultural expressions of grief

A two-hour ceremony commemorating the victims of the earthquake has just been broadcast on Chinese TV, and The World's Alex Gallafent looks at how different cultures manage mass grief.


Myanmar aid efforts

Lisa Mullins speaks with Jean-Sebastien Matte, emergency coordinator for the international aid agency "Doctors Without Borders" in Yangon, Burma, about efforts to provide emergency relief.


China mourning

As China marks its third day of official mourning for the victims of the May 12 earthquake, The World's Mary Kay Magistad examines local attitudes toward foreign aid workers and journalists.