Happy 50th birthday, Zambia!

The southern African nation of Zambia gained independence from Britain on October 24, 1964. Half a century later, it’s one of the most politically stable countries in the region. But as Zambia celebrates its 50th birthday, some Zambians are turning their attention to fixing the problems of the future.


How a wedding gown designer is taking on hazmat suits

Jill Andrews is a Baltimore-based designer who specializes in custom bridal and evening gowns. But this past weekend, she participated in the Emergency Ebola Design Challenge, where she was tasked with designing improved protective gear for health workers on the frontlines of the Ebola crisis.


Are madrassas in Africa educating or indoctrinating?

One place that girls in Africa are finding an education is at Islamic religious schools known as madrassas. Typically these schools teach only boys, but in sub-Saharan Africa, more madrassas are being opened for girls and are usually funded by wealthy Arab donors. It’s a way to compensate for, what some say, is the extremely poor quality of state-funded schools.