Decorum of democracy, The

What does democracy sound like? That depends on where you are. The Takeaway compares U.K. Question Time and the U.S. House of Representatives to hear the difference in the way lawmakers serve you.


Afghans in U.S. React to Elections

Dawer Nadi, Afghanistan-born New York resident and president of the Afghan Peace Association, joins The Takeaway to discuss how members of the Afghan-U.S. diaspora are following the elections from afar.

Arts, Culture & Media


Georgia used to be something like Russia's California -- good wine, mild weather, beautiful countryside, and even a vibrant movie industry. Georgian movies were like a breath of fresh air in the ideological Soviet film industry. Pamela Renner reports on how filmmakers today are trying to navigate the twin perils of Russian war and the Western free market.


Burmese Political Prisoners Released

Myanmar (Burma) has released the most prominent political dissidents of the country from jail. One of the dissidents released is Mya Aye who had been serving a 65-year jail sentence for speaking out against the Burmese government.