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Education in Libya After Gaddafi

In the aftermath of the Libyan revolution, one thing that needs to be addressed is education. Not only are schools being purged of The Green Book, but lots of subjects need to be revamped and modernized. Don Duncan reports.

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Surfing in Liberia

For years Liberia was infamous for its civil war but now surfing fans are discovering the beaches. In the Geo Quiz we're looking for Liberia's surfing capital, New York Times' Diplomatic Correspondent Helene Cooper knows where to find it.


Talking to the enemy

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Bill Quandt, Mideast expert at the University of Virginia, about Israel's talks with some of its longtime enemies, Syria and the Lebanese militant group, Hezbollah.


Russia seeks new pact with West

The Russian government is seeking to change its security relationship with the West, but the reception from NATO and Europe has been chilly, as The World's Gerry Hadden reports from Brussels, Belgium.


Hamas sends delegation to Egypt

As the fighting continues in Gaza, the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, is sending a delegation to Cairo. There is speculation that Egypt is trying to mediate a solution. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the latest from the BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi in Cairo.