Sesame Street mourns the death of Robin Williams

Robin Williams had many unforgettable moments in his movies, but he also took time to create a few of them on Sesame Street as well. He started appearing on the show in 1990 and returned many times to play the role of the gentle educator for millions of kids.

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Happy Birthday

June Update: Today is my birthday. I am 54. I don’t feel like laughing. I don’t feel like making YOU laugh either. I want to make you think, deeply, but maybe not so seriously.


Global Politics

Social Media in Iran Elections

Iranians are turning to social media, an alterative to government controlled media, to receive news and express their ideas. Pooria Jafereh, Afshin Molavi, and Shappi Khorsandi join The Takeaway to talk about the influence of media on this election.

Global Politics

Mr. Franken Goes to Washington

Tom Davis met Al Franken when they were both in high school, undoubtedly vying for title of class clown. They eventually both became writers for Saturday Night Live. Tom Davis joins The Takeaway to share his memories of his partner in comedy.

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The Dudeness of 'Funny People'

It's Friday movie review day, and we are covering Judd Apatow's latest film, ?Funny People.' Joining The Takeaway to talk about the ?dudeness' of the film and how Apatow treats his female characters is freelance film critic Michelle Orange.

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Riding pantsless around the globe

Yesterday was International No Pants Day, though you'd be hard-pressed to find it on any official calendars. With 16 countries and 44 cities participating, thousands boarded subway systems around the world to pull off one of the biggest annual pranks.