Climate Change

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Global Politics

G8 agreement on global warming

Leaders of the world's richest nations are meeting in Japan for the annual Group of Eight (G8) summit where they've reached a common goal to fight global warming, as The World's Jason Margolis has more.

Global Politics

Palau envoy

Palau and other Pacific island nations aren't represented at the United Nations by their own citizens. They're represented by American lawyers and law students. The Americans are pushing the UN to act quickly on climate change.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz about global meat consumption is: China. The country with the biggest population is also the world's biggest producer and consumer of meat overall. But the United States is the highest per capita consumer of meat.


Geo Quiz

The Asian island nation that is looking for a new homeland is the Maldives. The country's elevation is so low that rising sea levels associated with climate change could place it under water. So the country's government is looking for new land to move residents to, should that scenario become a reality.

Global Politics

California climate change summit

A UN gathering on climate change is scheduled for next month in Poland. But California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't waiting. Today, he welcomed hundreds of high-ranking officials for a climate change summit in Beverly Hills.


Denial near and far

About one in five Americans still doubt that the Earth is warming. Is this healthy skepticism or denial? The World's Jason Margolis reports on cultural denial around the globe.