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The ''other'' Bethlehem

Bethlehem in what's now the West Bank is considered the birthplace of Jesus. But an Israeli archeologist has spent years excavating another town of Bethlehem, this one in Galilee, where he's uncovered an inn, a monastery.

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Unsilent Night

It's become a holiday tradition: every year, hundreds of people gather with boomboxes to perform Phil Kline's ambient, techno Christmas carol called "Unsilent Night." Jonathan Mitchell went along for the ride.

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Redesigning Christmas

The buzzword this year is change. But some things, like the traditions that surround the Christmas season, seem to remain the same. Kurt Andersen asked the design firm Pentagram to re-imagine the holiday beyond tinsel and holly. It goes something like this: drop the Santa, loose the red and green, play down the rampant commercialism and play up the message of peace and love.

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Forgive Me Father

The Vatican recently called pollution of the environment a modern-day sin. Kurt calls Father Jim Martin, a Jesuit priest, to ask what kind of penance polluters are in for. (Originally aired: April 18, 2008)