Conflict & Justice

Controlling Iran's youth

The World's Quil Lawrence reports that many young people in Iran live in fear of the government's morality squads; violating a strict dress code, for example, can get you in trouble with the law

Arts, Culture & Media

Gary Cross

Gary Cross is the author of The Cute and the Cool, a study of how and why adults project cuteness onto their children -- and how our children are constantly rebelling against it. His other books include Kids' Stuff: Toys and the Changing World of American Childhood. He is a Distinguished Professor of Modern History at Pennsylvania State University.

Lifestyle & Belief

Born of War

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Charli Carpenter, an expert on the subject of children born of sexual violence in conflict zones.

Conflict & Justice

Children born of the Rwandan genocide

Thousands of Rwandan women became pregnant as a result of mass rape during the Rwandan genocide. The children born of those pregnancies are now coming into adolescence -- on the margins of Rwandan society. The World's Jeb Sharp reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

American Icons: Barbie

How did the Barbie doll become such a powerful symbol and ubiquitous toy? For our ongoing series on American Icons, we look at how Barbie started, how she endured, and what her future may hold.