She could have been a child bride like her sisters. But she became a coach instead.

Parvati Pujari is the first member of her Mumbai family to get a college degree. She's also the first of her sisters not to be married off young. And she played on India's national women's rugby team. By working with other women to coach sports in this poor part of the city, she's passing on the attributes that helped her overcome her obstacles and achieve her dream.


'A lot of lies came out of my mouth that year'

Moving schools is tough enough but imagine flying in from another country and plonking down in a new classroom in a new culture. Gilli Danenberg moved from Israel to the US at the age of 7. She remembers second grade as one long string of embarrassing incidents.


Why screams are scary

If you've ever heard someone scream — and who hasn't — you know just how unsettling it can be. Even if it's not someone you know. So why does the brain have such a physical reaction to this specific sound.