Global Politics

Iran's population plan

Environmental journalist Fred Pearce says women all over the world are consciously chosing to have fewer kids, including Iran. Now Iran has a plan to boost its population. Anchor Marco Werman has details.

Health & Medicine

Camp as therapy for military kids

Summer camp has been a tradition for generations of American kids. Camps can also be therapeutic. Six years ago, a non -profit organization started overnight camps designed for the children of U.S. service members. The World's Katy Clark takes us to one.

Global Politics

The price of genetic testing

Genetic tests can tell people whether they and their children are at risk of getting certain diseases. But that knowledge can come at a price. Anchor David Baron speaks with Brazilian genetic counselor, Mayana Zatz.

Lifestyle & Belief

Mexican school for midwives

Midwives have helped the women of rural Mexico to give birth. But that's a tradition that's dying out, as more women deliver their babies in hospitals. Reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe found one clinic where Mexican women can still learn to become midwives.