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Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson is one of America's top chefs. He was born in Ethiopia. But, he was adopted by a couple from Sweden, where he grew up. The World's Alex Gallafent spoke to Samuelsson and asked the chef to share some of his musical influences.

Global Politics

Vatican reaction to Belgian scandal

The sexual abuse of children by priests in Belgium is the just the latest scandal to rock the Catholic church in recent years. Lisa Mullins discusses the damage to the church with John Allen, Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.

Conflict & Justice

Former Swiss prisoners seek justice

In Switzerland, thousands of victims of a policy known as 'administrative detention' are demanding an investigation and compensation for being imprisoned without committing any crime. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the story from the BBC's Imogene Foulkes.

Arts, Culture & Media

Speaking in Tongues

A new PBS documentary profiles four kids who are attending dual immersion public schools in San Francisco. The filmmakers are husband and wife team Ken Schneider and Marcia Jarmel. Patrick Cox has part four of our �Learning in Two Languages' series.

Global Politics

Canada's speed bump optical illusion

There are lots of kids crossing the streets near schools. A big challenge is how to get drivers to slow down when driving by. A city in British Columbia has come up with a solution; a speed bump that creates a 3-D version of a little girl chasing a ball.


Revisiting a family in Pakistan

Ten days ago, BBC correspondent Jill McGivering told us about a baby girl called Samina. She'd been born a few days earlier on the roadside after her parents fled the floods. Now Jill went back to Sindh Province to see how the family is faring now.


Pakistani children in danger

There are fears that as families flee the floods in Pakistan, children are getting separated from their parents. That could increase the already-high number of children who go missing each year. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Haider Yaqub in Islamabad.