After the Quake: Music, Politics and Spirituality in Haiti

For this exclusive Afropop Worldwide Hip Deep report, producer Ned Sublette travels to Port-au-Prince, where he checks in with bandleader Richard Morse of RAM, and with Lolo and Manzé Beaubrun of Boukman Eksperyans, both of whom produced hotly controversial carnival songs ... Read more »

Featured Artists: Winter 2014 Dance Party!

It&#8217;s Carnival right now in Trinidad, Haiti, Brazil, New Orleans&#8230;and  NYC, with Afropop Worldwide! In the words of Bootsy Collins, this week&#8217;s show, Winter 2014 Dance Party, &#8221;Ain&#8217;t nothin&#8217; but a party y&#8217;all.&#8221; So get down, get funky and shake a ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Carnival 2014 Mixtape Roundup

Chance are, you’re either at work, hung over, sporting some ash on your forehead, or some combination of the three right now. Carnival is over, today is an Ash Wednesday, and to some, it seems that the music has stopped. ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Brazil Carnival 2014: Sambas De Enredo

It&#8217;s that time again, when the inhabitants of Brazil (and many foreign guests) collectively lose their inhibitions and devote several days to dancing, playing music, drinking and wearing as little clothing and as many feathers as possible. That&#8217;s right, we&#8217;re ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Maracatu Nação – the Afro-Brazilian culture of Carnaval in Pernambuco

It’s a sweltering night, and the pulsating crowd only adds to the heat. The shout, “Tu Maraca! Tu Maraca!” by musician Naná Vasconcelos reverberates throughout downtown Recife. More than 400 percussionists from over 30 different maracatu nations answer, beating out ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

New Machel Montano Video: “Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.)”

For centuries, two forces have been locked in a constant struggle. Like good and evil, Yin and Yang, or sky and earth, except with a tighter focus on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the question of whether it is ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>