North Korea conducts third nuclear test in challenge to global community

North Korea followed through on its threats and conducted its third nuclear test on Tuesday, Monday night in the United States, believed to be its most powerful to date. The test was roundly criticized, even by North Korea's lone ally, China. A United Nations Security Council meeting has been called.

Ancient Persian religion on the decline in Pakistan

The Parsis, who fled Iran in the face of the country's Muslim conversion centuries ago, settled across India and Pakistan. But in recent years, the prominent Karachi religious minority is declining, to the portion where the community may totally disappear.

China's new leaders represent generational transition

China's new leaders are the first post-revolutionary generation — they represent a shift from those who fought alongside Mao Zedong to the children of those Communist warriors. But whether this new generation is ready to make large-scale political and economic changes remains to be seen.