Arts, Culture & Media

Beatles or Bieber?

They screamed for Sinatra, they screamed for Elvis. But the scream that erupted when the Beatles came to America and went on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964 was like no scream before.


Global Politics

Russian dolls bailout

Jessica Goloher reports from Moscow on the Russian government's promise to bail out one of its iconic but troubled industries. Sales of the colorful wooden nesting dolls known as 'Matrioshka,' are plummeting, and their makers are looking for support.

Arts, Culture & Media

Art and trauma

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with American artist Ross Bleckner about his work with children in Northern Uganda who had been forced to become soldiers for a murderous rebel group.

Global Politics

Obama's visit as seen on Russian tv

President Obama had a poor image among Russians before his visit to Moscow this week. His summit with Russia's leaders was a chance to change that. It's not clear he succeeded. Jessica Golloher looks at how Russian TV covered the President's visit.

Conflict & Justice

Hacking into celebrity cell phones

The News of The World, a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, has allegedly been hacking into thousands of celebrity cell phones. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with The World's Technology Correspondent Clark Boyd to find out how this sort of hacking is done.

Conflict & Justice

Going after hi-tech piracy

Cyrus Farivar reports on a new type of political party that's springing up in countries across Europe. The Pirate Party wants to reform intellectual property law in the cyber world, and membership is growing.