Conflict & Justice

Zimbabwe lifts BBC ban

Zimbabwe is lifting restrictions on the international media working inside its borders. This week it lifted an 8-year-ban on the BBC. The BBC's Andrew Harding reports from the capital Harare.

Conflict & Justice

Global Hit

The World's Andrea Crossan profiles a community radio station that broadcasts to the youth of Kibera ? the biggest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Arts, Culture & Media

LEGO profits beat recession

In spite of the global recession and tough competition from the computer gaming world, profits for the toymaker LEGO jumped 23 percent during the first half of this year. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Lego's CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp.

Arts, Culture & Media

The culture of 9-11

The images and tales of 9/11 are absorbed into mainstream culture. Jeff Melnick, professor of American studies at Babson College has studied the process. He put some of those thoughts into a book, called 9-11 Culture. He speaks with anchor Marco Werman.

Global Politics

Government vs. media in Turkey

The World's Aaron Schachter reports that authorities have charged the country's largest media group with tax evasion. Some critics say it's a brazen attempt to stifle Turkey's media others say the media moguls are getting what they deserve.