Arab Spring


Turkey faces a daunting challenge in trying to educate hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees

Inside Syria, almost six million children have been affected by the country's ongoing civil war, and millions more have fled the country to find safety in refugee camps. Turkey, for example, has opened its doors to about a million-and-a-half Syrian refugees since spring 2011. But as the war drags on, Turkey is finding itself with a long-term humanitarian and education problem.


How one woman stumbled into a violent uprising in Yemen

Laura Kasinof never expected to become a war correspondent, but her calm life in Yemen gave her a front-row seat to protests and violence as the Arab Spring reached the country. Now Kasinof has written a book about her experiences and shares her fears about Yemen's future.


How Libyans beat the heat — and the turmoil in their country

It's been a rough summer in Libya. Fighting between rival militias broke out in the capital in July, and forced the government to flee. With Islamists militias in charge, businesses closed and power cuts a common occurrence, many people are turning to the beach for relief from the heat — and a mental break.