After Libyan revolution, multi-cultural community torn apart

Ghadames, the "Pearl of the Desert," in Libya has been the crossroads of cultures for centuries. Through that time, different cultures lived in relative harmony. But when Libya's revolution exposed divisions, it drove a wedge through this once peaceful community.

Women in Sierra Leone face high barriers to participation in politics

Women in Sierra Leone are trying to get more involved in the country's politics but they're being stymied by a political system and a culture that advantages men. And while a major party candidate has selected a woman as his running mate, his party has still put just 10 women on their ballot. Some 38 women in total are running, compared to 548 men.

Nairobi glue pusher preys on addicted kids to help her own

For kids in Kenya looking to get a cheap high, glue is the way to go. The dealers aren't necessarily drug kingpins. More often than not, they're mothers, selling glue as a means to put food on the table for and clothes on the back of their own children.

Libyans wage battle over last holdout of Muammar Gaddafi supporters

Bani Walid, in western Libya, is the last holdout of deposed and killed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In the revolution that deposed him, Bani Walid never fell to the rebels, and has since openly continued to profess allegiance to the dead dictator. But now, a conflict has erupted between the Libyan government on one side, and Bani Walid leaders.

Top suspect in Libya consulate attack still hasn't been questioned

Abu Khattala, U.S. officials and witnesses in Libya have said, is the top suspect in the Benghazi consulate. So it came as a surprise when The New York Times found him sipping juice on the balcony of a Libyan hotel. He says no one has even come to ask him about his involvement -- which he denies.

Haiti on brink of becoming latest member of African Union

If all goes as planned, Haiti, yes North America's Haiti, will become the latest member of the African Union sometime in January. Haiti and Africa share a sense of history, and African countries stepped up in the wake of Haiti's earthquake, which has led some to conclude the time is right to formalize their ties.