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Welcome to our revamped security vertical for 2018: Global Security.

We want to provide the reporting, perspectives, context, history and voices you need to understand a world that too often feels defined by its crises, conflicts and instabilities.

A lot changed in 2017. The US under President Donald Trump has evolved its foreign policy, its diplomatic relationships and its role in intergovernmental organizations like the UN and NATO. America's longest war in history continues in Afghanistan while US forces have become increasingly involved in Syria. ISIS has lost major ground in Iraq and Syria but remains a threat in all sorts of other ways, including as an inspiration to lone terrorist attackers. The world continues to struggle to deal with a refugee and migrant crisis that since the summer of 2015 has sent more than a million people across land and sea in search more secure futures in Europe. Other major refugee crises (South Sudanese in Uganda, the Rohingya in Bangladesh) are ongoing. North Korea's nuclear-armed regime seems emboldened. (Or not, depending on whom you ask.) So does Putin's Russia.

As "Seeking Security," we worked to bring you human stories on security, conflict and migration, with an emphasis on youth perspectives. As "Global Security," we'll continue that mission, and we'll also bring in new and diverse voices on new and fast-evolving issues. Expect continued reporting on war, terrorism, mass migration, climate destabilization, economic collapse and nuclear weapons. And expect more attention to Russia, the Korean peninsula and US foreign policy.

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