Spain maintains one of the strictest coronavirus lockdowns in Europe. But amid a slowing in its death rate, the country let some businesses get back to work on Monday.

And in Italy, where the coronavirus outbreak first swelled in Europe, the number of new cases on Monday was the lowest since April 7.

Meanwhile, in China, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated in the central city of Wuhan, health authorities now face a new challenge as the number of Chinese nationals return home and bring new cases of COVID-19 with them from abroad.

In the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday said "the worst is over" for the state hit hardest by the novel coronavirus. Hospitalizations in New York appeared to be reaching a plateau, and deaths increased by the lowest daily total in a week.

One month after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, just how close are we to flattening the curve and ending the spread of the coronavirus?

As part of a series of conversations taking questions to the experts, The World's Elana Gordon will moderated a live discussion with epidemiologist Caroline Buckee, who will assessed the response to COVID-19 and address our understanding of the virus, vaccines and treatments.

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