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Marco Werman: 'We are all connected'

Reporting in the world of COVID-19, we need your support.

Marco Werman attends the daily editorial meeting with reporters and producers in The World's newsroom in Boston.


Steven Davy/The World

From our very beginning, the driving spirit of The World has been to report on global news in ways that reflect a core belief in our newsroom: We all on planet Earth are connected. 

Our coverage helps to discover people, places and events that help you find your place in the world, and bring you moments of joy.

The coverage can also be frightening. 

Over the past several months, we have all experienced how an event in a corner of China, largely unknown to many around the world, can overtake the globe in unprecedented ways.

We in the US are not immune. Like everywhere else, the coronavirus has overwhelmed and reshaped our lives.

As I write, COVID-19 continues to spread through virtually every country on Earth.

We can cover this story with depth and humanity, but only thanks to the generous support of listeners. I hope that, in this most critical time, you will consider a gift to The World.

Consider The World’s coverage in this extraordinary moment. It has been original and global in scope.

From international researchers racing to develop a vaccineto how countries and communities are responding to the crisis; to what more the international community could be doing; The World has even looked at America’s reliance on toilet paper and how other countries clean up.

These stories and many more are freely available, but only because of your support. 

You hear my voice almost every day and, for now, I am working in a nearly empty newsroom.

It’s been stressful because our tireless team of reporters and producers are still filing audio, scripts and stories from the remote safety of their homes. Their health comes first. But so does telling the stories that we need to hear to understand what’s going on.

The World's team in the work from home era

Producers and reporters for The World hold a meeting on Zoom as most of the team is now working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Maria Elena Romero/The World

Our team marches forward — some days on fumes — but continue to be encouraged by notes from listeners:

“Keep the good reporting coming.”

“Thank you for your diligent report!”

“Thank you, The World is the highest quality journalism available today.”

“Thanks for your work, it’s deeply appreciated. The next nine months are critical.”

We read every one, and are inspired even more by your demand for accuracy, context and empathy in a chaotic moment.

These days are financially anxious. There are many urgent causes worthy of your support. I hope you will join me in believing that an informed global audience is one of them.

If you are able today, I am asking for your support during our spring fundraising campaign with a donation. No paywalls at The World, ever.

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