This week's episode of The Simpsons will have the family taking a trip north of the border.

In it, Lisa Simpson is mistakenly given political asylum during a trip to Niagara Falls.

This visit though, there will be a special appearance by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It won't be the actual prime minister, although apparently, producers did ask him to appear on the show.

Instead, Lucas Meyer, a Canadian journalist known for his impressions, was spotted by producers in a YouTube video doing his best Justin Trudeau.

(His Trudeau impression begins at :31 in this clip.)

If you need a refresher on what the real prime minister sounds like, here's a BBC interview of Trudeau. 

Lucas Meyer was asked last fall to bring his impression of the prime minister to life on "The Simpsons."

So, he's been working hard on it.

Most "Simpsons" guest stars are musicians and actors. But a few politicians have agreed to appear on the show, too. Tony Blair voiced his own character after eight months of negotiation. Janet Reno made an appearance in season 24.

The episode, “D’Oh Canada,” will air this Sunday.

If you need more Meyer impressions, you can catch them here:

(There’s more Trudeau in there, also around the :30 mark.)

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