Trump shown as a marionette doing a Russian folk dance. The person pulling the strings has him kick James Comey.

There's a Russian cloud hanging over this cartoon. Notice the dance and the marionette strings.


Tjeerd Royaards, Cartoon Movement, The Netherlands

Many American cartoonists have compared President Donald Trump's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey to Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" in 1973 — when Nixon terminated a special prosecutor looking into Watergate. 

Cartoonists outside the US are taking the opportunity to riff on the hidden hand of Russia in US politics, and some familiar Trumpisms — like the reality TV star's penchant for declaring, "You're fired!"

Here are some of the images circulating the globe right now: 

From cartoonist Rod Emmerson in New Zealand:

And Christian Durando in Italy:

Canada's Michael de Adder drew this one ...

... and fellow Canadian Dawn Mockler shared this:

Things were black and white to Osama Hajjaj of Jordan:


Osama Hajjaj, Jordan

Miguel Cordova of Peru put Trump's name on a plunger:

And Martin Sutovec of Slovakia got sinister:

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