Singer Manu Chao performs during a free concert in Caracas, Venezuela on March 23, 2012.

Singer Manu Chao performs during a free concert in Caracas, Venezuela on March 23, 2012.


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Here's the latest, curated by host Marco Werman and director April Peavey. (If you're looking for all the music you heard on the show, go here.)

Global-minded alternative rocker Manu Chao

French-born Spanish musician Manu Chao has been in the recording studio, cranking out his first batch of songs in 10 years. And one of them is called "Words of Truth."

Just remind yourself that everything is great 

On Sinkane's new song "U'Huh," the chorus goes "kulu shi tamaam." That means "everything is great" in Arabic. The bottom line Sinkane says — remain positive, even when times get tough.

A song to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day in Britain

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day marking the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Holocaust Remembrance Day is not just about World War II. It also recognizes other genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia and Darfur. As Britain’s remembrance day organizers say, "genocide does not just take place on its own, it's a steady process which can begin if discrimination, racism and hatred are not checked and prevented."

The wonderful klezmer clarinet player David Krakauer saw what this looked like a few years ago when he performed in Krakow, Poland, just an hour's drive from Auschwitz. A lot of curious people in the audience, ready to dance. A party that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. The people who had originally created klezmer though: present, but definitely the minority. - Marco

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