Emad Hajjaj, Jordan

Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj is just one of many artists from around the world who are responding to President Obama's visit to Cuba.


Emad Hajjaj

For the first time in almost 90 years, a sitting US President is visiting Cuba.

It's a big deal. He's there to further untangle the complicated relationship between the two countries and to talk about trade opportunities.

And — as expected — political cartoonists from around the world have responded the way they do best:

1. Angel Boligan, Cuba/Mexico


Angel Boligan

2. Patrick Chappatte, Switzerland

3. Kap, Spain



4. Arcadio Esquivel, Costa Rica

5. Michael de Adder, Canada

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6. Rayma Suprani, Venezuela 


Rayma Suprani

7. Wolfgang Ammer, Austria 


Wolfgang Ammer

8. Kevin Kallaugher, USA 

9. Michel Kichka, Israel


Michel Kichka

An earlier version of this story misspelled Rayma Suprani's name. We regret this error.

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