If you're like me, you always get excited to see the costumes for the latest olden-times filmor the special effects in the new blockbuster. And if you're like me, you also forget that there are other jobs behind the scenes that are just as fascintating as being a costume designer or working with CGI.

For example: props and set decoration? I never notice them. One of the ongoing jokes inThe Room,the cult movie I am devoted to, is that all the picture frames around the main character's house are filled with stock photos of spoons. No one on set ever bothered to take out the fake photo inserts and add character-appropriate snapshots.But this is something I never noticed until it was pointed out to me.

Obviously, I could use a bit of schooling in the world of movie props. And filmmaker and "video essayist" Rishi Kaneriahas just the thing. In his video "Why Props Matter," Kaneria breaks down what makes props so effective, and how they can serve multiple functions in a movie. But the best part is that he uses clips from years of iconic films to illustrate his points. For instance: do you know whatoranges symbolize throughout the Godfather films? No, you probably don't. So just watch it, and then you won't feel like a philistine anymore (trust).

Bonus: Kaneria also has a charmingcompiliation of all the sounds of Star Wars that is catnip for the audio-inclined.

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