Guest judge B.J. Novak returns to Studio 360 to announce the winner of our summer humor writing challenge, Funny Ha Ha. Novak picked a winner and a runner-up, and he admits that he's impressed by the caliber of entries.

Winner: Emma Callahan

Entry: "Pronounced True-beck"

Callahan's submission was written as a play, with dialogue and stage directions. Novak loved how she used the first line of dialogue as a character's line, and then immediately had another character come in and ridicule the language. "This author is lovingly sick of a lot of aspects of culturally enlightened, lit-theater-poetry," Novak says, "and it was very fun to see someone who's in the middle of it --- and obviously likes it enough to know it well --- parodying it." Callahan admits that she knows her writing is a bit provocative. "My parents haven't read it yet," she says. "But I think I'll let them read it now after knowing I've won."

Read Emma's entry here.

Runner Up: DylanSchifrin

Entry: "Gwendolyn"

Novak says Dylan's opening paragraph grabbed him from the beginning. The absurd story about a man falling in love with a houseplant shows "he has a really good take on contrasts," Novak explains. "The whole thing has a really great, impressive tone."

Read Dylan's entry here.

A big thank you to all the students who shared their work with us. You can see their submissions here.

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