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Pope Francis didn't pull any punches in his letter on climate change.

The science of climate change is clear, he explains. Humans are at fault. We're destroying the Earth and killing ourselves. The world's poorest people are bearing the worst of it, and the most blame lies with rich countries and corporations that pursue profit and economic growth with little or no regard for people and the environment. It's time for change.

That's the basic message of 'Laudato si," but there's a lot more in there, including messages on clean water access, biodiversity, conflicts and violence related to control over natural resources, technology, and a consumerist culture that Francis calls "throwaway culture." 

The whole letter is 184 pages long — about 38,000 words. You can read it in full here, if you wish. But nobody's going to blame you if you want the abridged version. 

Pope Francis has got your back. For the last several hours, he's been tweeting key points from his encyclical to his 20+ million Twitter followers. It would take more than 1,600 tweets to reproduce the entire letter, but we're guessing he won't go quite that long.

We'll keep this article updated for as long as Francis keeps tweeting today.

Here you go:

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