This musician wants to follow Frank Sinatra — who he claims was the first 'techno-singer'

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Canadian musician Mocky

Dalton Blanco

Dominic Salole, a Canadian born, LA-based musical artist who goes by the name "Mocky," is a musician who likes to be on the cutting edge. Think electronic, or techno. 

Current, edgy and relevant are the kind of adjectives used to describe Mocky's work. And we're pleased to premier this new track by him, called Tomorrow Maker. However, Mocky says musicians have been "going techno" for a lot longer than you might think.

"In my opinion, Frank Sinatra was the first techno artist. Now that might seem counterintuitive, but he was among the first generation of singers who didn't have to fill a hall with his unamplified voice. He was able to just use the latest technology and explore a nuance or character in the studio," he says.

Now Mocky wants to do the same thing with his music. 

"Some people might describe the music as futuristic or they're looking for a futuristic angle on music, but to me it's more about timelessness. So, for me, futuristic doesn't have to be bloops and bleeps," he says. Otherwise "technology can date itself instantly. The minute you use a modern piece of gear, you've dated yourself."

So what Mocky aims to do with his music is add his unique voice, his humanity, in his work. "So using the technology of the time to bring humanity into the picture, I think, is your best bet to creating something timeless."

As an example, Mocky points to this track, Howling at the Moon:

But don't think Mocky is against technology. He's not. "Basically what I'm trying to say is that to be of your times, you have to be current and in touch with yourself."

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