Jeff Wysaski

You're in the bookstore, browsing through the self-help section (we're not judging you! Maybe you're looking for advice on how to quit smoking), when you come across a book titled So Your Son Is A Centaur: Coping With Your Child's Confusing Life Choices by someone called Dr. Pinder Chipps. You think: Wait, what?

Jeff Wysaskiis a professional prankster in the vein of Punk'd orCandid Camera--- but he doesn't need to film your reactions. He's after something subtler and more subversive: getting people to think about just how silly the realself-help bookscan be.Besides plantingvery real-looking fake books, he replaces the shelf tags with sly commentary.

Too bad he came up with this idea in the age of Amazon, when fewer people are going to bookstores. Still,you might want to think twice the next time youreach fora wine store recommendation.

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