Two sisters from Pakistan are charming the online world with their rendition of the Justin Bieber hit, "Baby."

Saania and Muqaddisa, 13 and 14, are from a small village near Lahore. A cell phone recording of their singing has gone viral.

They were tracked down by the Pakistani TV network Samaa, and recently appeared on another network's nationwide show, Good Morning Pakistan

They were given haircuts and makeovers.

"We're very happy that everyone is asking us about this," the girls said on the show. "We're making people happy, and also very astonished. We've been singing since we were little." 

The girls don't actually speak English. They listen to Bieber songs on their cell phones, and sound out the lyrics as best they can.

They also do mean renditions of popular Bollywood tunes.

The "Justin Girls," as they've come to be known, say their experience has been a dream come true. But their biggest dream these days?

To meet The Bieb himself. 

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