This week in "Thanks, Internet" --- Steve Buscemi gets kinky, St. Vincent teaches us some manners, our dreams get Photoshopped into awesomeness, bad album covers reveal bad music, and Hubble finds a smiley face in a galaxy far, far away.

1. FiftyShades of Buscemi

If you're a living, breathing, sentient human being you probably know that the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey opens tonight ---just in time for Valentine's Day.Let's be honest, if even a new version of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" can't save this movie, probably neither could Steve Buscemi. ButBoo Ya Pictures proves he sure can save its trailer with this new and improved cut that pulls deep from the Buscemi archives.

2.The Grammy for Manners Goes to...

St. Vincent

Forget Beyonce, Beck, and Kanye. It was St. Vincent who stole the Grammys with theheartfelt thank you she emailed her fans after her win on Sunday night. In it, she reflectson the path her career has taken, starting all the way back in 2007 when she got her first record deal while still living in her parents' house in Dallas. She recounts the less glamorous moments of her first tour, makes fun of her early attempts at making a keyboard look like something cooler than a keyboard, and gives credit and gratitude where credit and gratitude are due.

i have eaten years of veggie subway sandwiches on highways 10-90, stayed at a super 8 motel behind a kansas federal prison, peed in cups in dressing rooms when there was no bathroom, gotten eaten alive by bedbugs at a cincinnati days inn. i would not trade a single highway or city or moment or person i met for anything. i have loved it all.

You can read the whole letter here. It's arefreshing departure from the usual banter on who deserved to win, who didn't deserve to win, and who should or should not have walked on stage.

3. Photoshop Your Dreams

'I was running in a field of flames, chased by flying octopus. I was really scared and my only weapon was fireworks.' Margaux,01.17.2014

What started as one Berlin-based web project manager's attempt to share a complicated dream involving fireworks and octopuses with some friends, has turned into one of the best Tumblrs we've discovered in a while. Photoshop your dreamswill take your wildest dreams and worst nightmares and turn them into art. The premise is simple: you send Margaux Espinasse (the aforementioned web project manager) your dream and she uses a combination of stock photos, emojis, and Photoshop skills to translate them into something bizarre, hilarious, and wonderful.

4. TheBad Music Behind Bad Album Covers

One thing the internet excels at is round up lists. For instance, the worst album covers ever. And in a move that has generated pureinternet gold,Jimbo Stephenstakes that particular round up one step further, offering a video that lets you hear the music behind those awkward, tacky, misguidedcovers. All we have to say is: the carpet matches the drapes.

5. Hubble Spots a Smiley Face in Space

Hubble has accomplished many things in its 25 years in space, but we dare say capturing the world's largest smiley face in a galaxy far, far away might be the most impressive. Actually, several galaxies are involved here, that's how massive this face is.The eyes are two different galaxies,SDSSCGB 8842.3 and SDSSCGB 8842.4, and the smile lines are really"arcs caused by an effect known as strong gravitational lensing."Who knew gravitational lensing could make us smile?

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