Eric Goldberg

Eric Goldberg working on the mix of The World's new signature tune.


April Peavey

Back in 1995, a panel of producers from WGBH and the BBC, led by executive producer Neil Curry, were auditioning composers to create a signature theme for an innovative new radio program called The World. I got the gig! 

As a young aspiring composer, this was truly an incredible opportunity and a notable moment in my career. The World's debut on January 1, 1996 was a first in history: a global radio, audio and multiplatform news program, co-produced by WGBH, PRI and the BBC.

Now fast-forward 18 years: I received a message from my friend Marco Werman that things were evolving with the show and there was a need to create a revitalized version of the signature theme.

The sound of the show had changed significantly: It had become hipper, more upbeat and more contemporary. To me, one of the coolest changes was that Marco had become the host of The World, bringing a whole new vibe with him.

My challenge was to reflect all of these elements in the remake but still retain the integrity of the original theme.

I met with Marco, executive producer Andrew Sussman, managing editor Jonathan Dyer and studio director April Peavey, and we constructed the plan to make it all happen. 

Then, working with The World's fantastic and innovative audio engineer, Robin Moore, we gathered some of the finest musicians in the industry in the Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH and brought this whole concept to life. Here it is:

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this incredible undertaking!

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