Seeing The News: There are places in the world that always make me wonder if it's even possible to take a bad photograph there. India, and those amazingly vivid colors, is high on the list for me especially when you see the pictures VII photographer Ed Kashi is taking. And, this is just one of many on his Twitter feed Friday. 


Mexico is also a place where colors are celebrated. But, in recent years the color red may have become too prominent with all the cartel violence. If you're headed to the Sundance Festival Friday night, the documentary "Cartel Land" by director Matt Heineman looks good. In this interview for Filmmaker Magazine, Heineman talks about his adherance to verité while shooting and confesses that "having no experience filming in risky situations, "Cartel Land" pushed me into some difficult places — I’ve been in shootouts on the streets of Michoacán." Whoa. (h/t to photograph Ross McDonnell)

Drone Smugglers

While Heineman might have gotten a little too close to the violence, the cartels are trying out new ways to stay as far away from the authorities as they can. Sure, submarines are more creative, but drones might be more practical — just don't load the quadcopters with too much weight.

James Dean lives in Seoul

I blame Hollywood and James Dean for a lasting image of cool that involves smoking. But, just look at some of these pictures from South Korean photographer Sungjin Park’s new book, "Kid Nostalgia".

Influencers at Davos

It's been fun watching the backchannel out of Davos this week. Miriam Elder's tweets have been the best. See here, or here:

Needless to say, there are a lot of "influencers" hanging out in Switzerland. The real question is who is influencing the influencers? (You'll have to click through to see the animation.)

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