Gabriel Walker

In 2014, Gabriel Walker resolved to move to Louisville, Kentucky, and start a band.


Gabriel Walker

Most New Year’s resolutions are like diets: no fun and abandoned by Valentine’s Day. But for the last couple years, Studio 360 has hosted a different kind of resolution challenge: What’s the creative project you’ve wanted to bite off?

Maybe it’s finishing your novel or learning an instrument. Or perhaps it’s more of a creative challenge: writing a poem a day or painting 365 portraits.

In 2014, Studio 360 followed an advertising exec who wanted to do stand-up comedy, a lawyer who sidelines as a painter, and a rock star with a big idea for a musical theater piece. See all their profiles from 2014 and 2013.

Now it's time for the 2015 edition and is partnering with Studio 360 to track your creative resolutions. So tell us, what’s your Creative New Year’s Resolution for 2015? What’s your goal and why? And how do you plan to tackle the challenge?

Tell us in a comment below. With Studio 360, we’ll pick a couple lucky folks to pester throughout the year.

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