The songs played on The World between segments for Thursday, November 27, 2014 include:

SONG: Pushed But Not Forgotten 
ARTIST:   High Tide
CD:  Sea Shanties
LABEL:  Esoteric


SONG: Farewell
ARTIST:  Jan Kaczmarek
CD:  Unfaithful
LABEL: Colossium Music 


SONG: Negra Presuntuosa 
ARTIST: Inti-Illimani
CD TITLE: The Best of Inti-Illimani
CD LABEL: Green Linnet Records 


SONG: Face-to-Face
ARTIST: Shakti
CD TITLE: Natural Elements
CD LABEL:  CBS Records




SONG: WW III (and how to avoid it)
ARTIST: The New Mastersounds
CD TITLE: Therapy
CD LABEL: Légère Recordings

SONG: Banana Queso
ARTIST: Afrosound of Colombia
CD TITLE:  Afrosound of Colombia vol. 2
CD LABEL: Vampisol 


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