Dancing in front of passengers on a subway takes a lot of guts whoever and wherever you are — but its particularly true if you are a woman in Iran. 

This video posted on the Facebook page “My Stealthy Freedom,” where Iranian women upload photos and videos of themselves without the mandatory hijab, shows a young woman breaking some serious dance moves on the Tehran metro, without her head covered.

It looks like a bit of harmless fun, but the unidentified woman is actually breaking two laws that require women to wear the hair-covering veil and prohibit them dancing in public.

As we saw with the group of young Iranians who filmed themselves dancing to Pharrell William's song "Happy," such an act can have serious consequences. They were arrested in May after the video came to the attention of authorities.

In September, they were handed suspended sentences of 91 lashes and up to one year in jail following international condemnation of their jailing and calls for their release. 

Here's to hoping that her sweet dance moves don't get her arrested. 




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