Last month, we challenged you to The Great Studio 360 Doodle Dare. We asked you to finish a drawing started by Alison Bechdel, the noted cartoonist and newly-mintedMacArthur "genius." How you finished it was up to you ---you could use any style, any method, any materials. Alisonoffered the advice:"Be as free as you can, don't feel constrained by what you see."

More than 200 of you answered our challenge --- and free you were!You took Alison's advice and ran with it. We saw Alison's figuredoing everything from heroically cleaning teeth; to finding out her dad wears lingerie; tohanging on to Iggy Azalea's "bodacious bottom."

Alison is hard at work sifting through all your entries and will announce her winner on this week's show. While shedeliberates, here are some of her favorites, with captions by the artists themselves:

Elle from Minnesota

Elle ---Minnesota
"Don't look under the bed..."

Brian from Chicago

Brian---Chicago, Illinois
"There are few challenges more daunting in this world than assembling reasonably-priced Scandinavian furniture."

Peter from Portland

"spicy adventures!"

Charlie from Seattle

Charlie---Seattle, Washington
"It seemed to me that Doodle Lady looked like she could be clinging to the roof of a car, so I just went with that, and built this little action scene. How did she get up there? Why isn't driver guy pulling over? Do they know each other? Is this a getaway gone wrong or a weird Uber ride?"

Ian from Woodside

Ian ---Woodside, New York
"Granted, Albrecht Drer did most of the heavy-lifting, doodle-wise, but maybe that's OK."

Megan from LA

Megan ---Los Angeles, California
"Got inspired by pictures of retro female wrestlers, also some Hernandez brothers influence as well."

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