Watch these happy, singing Georgian girls and forget that whole Russian occupation thing

With all the news about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it's easy to forget that Russia invaded the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008 under similar circumstances

After Georgia declared independence in 1991, two regions, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, declared independence from the newly independent nation. The result was prolonged fighting between separatist fighters and the Georgian military, and Russian intervention on behalf of the two breakaway states. 

Russia still occupies 20 percent of Georgia. And events in Ukraine have led the United States to publicly reaffirm its commitment to Georgian independence. In a recent appearance with Georgia's defense minister, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested that the United States could sell more weapons to Georgia, including Black Hawk helicopters, and hinted at the importance of Georgia's NATO partnership.

These are very tense and very heavy geopolitical times in Georgia, just as these are heavy and tense geopolitical times in Ukraine.

So it was extremely thoughtful of these awesome young Georgian ladies to come along and remind the world — via the internet — that the people of Georgia are actual living, breathing human beings, and not just pawns in a geopolitical struggle between Russia and the West.

So effervescent! So cheerful! So melodious! So harmonious! 

Check out their YouTube channel for more of this awesomeness.

Reddit user "sweet_grl" pretty much sums up how we feel about this video: "I don't care how many times I see stuff like this, it will always blow my mind that technology allows me to watch four girls sing beautifully in a language I don't know, from a country so far away, within hours of the recording of this video."


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