The songs played between segments on The World for September 9, 2014 include:

    SONG: El Final Del Pachanga
    ARTIST: Bombay Rickey
    CD TITLE: Cinefonia
    CD LABEL: Cowboys & Indians


    SONG: Fingers
    ARTIST: Joi
    CD TITLE: Real World 25
    CD LABEL: Real World


    SONG: Tojann
    ARTIST: Michel Sajrawy
    CD TITLE: The Rough Guide to the music of Palestine
    CD LABEL: World Music Network


    SONG: Hamadoun Toure
    ARTIST: Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabate
    CD TITLE: Toumani & Sidiki
    CD LABEL: World Circuit Production


And reporter Alex Gallafent took us to a Turkish restaurant in London called Boopshis. He wanted us to close out the show with this track:

    SONG: Shein Vi Die Levone (Beautiful as the Moon)
    ARTIST: Michael Tello
    CD TITLE: Tanz Mit Mir - Yiddish Ballroom Dance Music
    CD LABEL:  Israel Music

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